The Significant Advantages of Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Every time we move from one place to another, we move our hip. Even if it is just walking to the kitchen, we use our hip joint. Hence a joint that does not function properly or a painful joint can cause multiple problems and can be very frustrating at times.

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By Dr Vidyanand Raut, 15 April, 2021

Hip pain can be experienced by any age group and it can prevent you from activities you enjoy.

Causes of hip pain can be

  1. An old fracture that did not heal properly
  2. A systemic disease
  3. Wear and tear due to years of constant use, also known as osteoarthritis

Advantages of Total Hip Replacement Surgery in Mumbai

1. Relieves pain

This is the main reason and the greatest benefit of the surgery. A hip replacement can provide a huge reduction in pain with all patients getting complete or near-complete relief from arthritic hip pain.

2. High success rate

Overall, hip replacement is one of the most successful operations medical has to offer. It is a safe, effective and durable way to treat arthritis pain related to the hip.

3. Improved mobility and hip function

Once the pain is reduced, the patient can experience improved mobility. The hip replacement surgery will help you get back to walking without difficulty. The improved hip function will also significantly contribute to other activities linked to hip arthritis like putting on socks, going up the stairs, getting up from a chair, etc.

4. Long-lasting effect

It is a long-lasting approach to treat severe hip arthritis.

How do you know whether you need hip replacement surgery?

If you have these arthritis symptoms, you should opt for a hip replacement surgery

  • Severe hip pain that is not cured by medication and interferes with your daily activities like work, sleep, etc.
  • Hip stiffness that makes it difficult to walk and restricts motion.

What is total hip replacement surgery?

This is the most common type of surgery in which the damaged and worn out portions of your hip are replaced with artificial implants. The socket is replaced with a robust plastic cup that may or may not include a titanium metal shell. The femoral head is replaced with a ball made from ceramic or metal alloy. This ball is attached to the metal stem that is inserted into the top of your femur.

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